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example. jackson hole, wyoming, and poem broke, florida passed a law about the right know about cell phones. but it didn't require posting information at the point of sale. your information is widespread. i am releasing to you today a new study that is just today about the galley written with [speaker not understood] the chief of neurooncology at the university of california san diego as well as some of the world's top epidemiologists and we find in that study something quite important to the bill that you passed, which is that those who began using cell phones as teen agers have four to eight more times brain cancer by the time 10 years has lapsed. rosemary has seeded her time to me if i may continue. >> you only have two minutes. thank you. the science today is stronger than it was at the time you passed this law. i will read you a quote from the directeder of the international agency for the r on cancer, christopher wild who said, on behalf of the world
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health organization which decided that cell phone radiation is a, "possible human carcinogen," he made this remark. "given the potential consequences of public health of this classification it is important that additional research be conducted. pending the availability of such information it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hand-free device or texting. >> thank you. and that advice has been echoed -- >> do you have a written of ha? >> i can send this to you by e-mail. i have the article that was published today. >> okay, thank you. and i have been given two minutes by another speaker. >> i'm not giving it. you're not? >> no. everybody has two minutes. sorry. thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is leslie [speaker not understood] and i am a san francisco resident. i wish to express my gratitude to the board of supervisors who voted unanimously passing the
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right to know legislation. your action has encouraged other cities and states that have a desire to pass similar legislation. the cell phone right to know fact sheet is a vital part of the legislation as it provides essential information to an unknowing public and it has potential to save live. i urge you to stand firm on this issue and allow san francisco to retain its authority to govern without corporate interference. i respectfully request that you vote against the proposed settlement. san francisco need to retain the right to know. thank you very much. >> thank you. and then joe johnson, maya cain, morgan [speaker not understood]. timer going off right here, i have two minutes? >> um-hm. james earle johnson. i am the chairman and founder of a company called borders technology. you have a paper in front of you that i submitted. i have been in this project for
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about 10 years developing new antenna technology. we have been acknowledged by the fcc as advanced technology who supported us in the development of new technology. without your help, this new technology may not make it. the invisible hand of the economy doesn't work without regulatory force. san francisco and california has lead the industry and the world in an environmental and ergonomic issues. this issue is an environmental ergonomic issue next to the head of billions of people. i won't get into the technology, but i've spoken in helsinki, in china, in europe, and i can tell you i can also represent some of the telcom executives who say this is right on. just keep the pressure going and don't put it behind doors. thank you. >> thank you, mr. [speaker not understood]. [speaker not understood] for san francisco word of life.
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i've given my time to ellie marks. i'm here to tell you i was made an electrically sensitive person. [speaker not understood]. i have memory problems so bad i couldn't speak after only three months. now there is so much emf and rf in the atmosphere that what you are considering today really, really is important to everybody who is being washed over by all this wi-fi. i just -- i really wish that i could have given my time to ellie markses. i can't tell you, because right now i'm sleeping in three different places in the city. one is a warehouse in hunters point because the place that i own has 24 smart meters on it. i'm like four stories up and half a block away and i can't sleep. after half an hour i have a headache and [speaker not understood] is sky high like
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right now because i was sitting in this room for so long waiting to speak. i really wish you would listen to your [speaker not understood] and know that you have a huge opportunity here for the rest of the world to just lead, okay. thank you. >> thank you. lloyd morgan. and then tony stein, and rose marie [speaker not understood]. hi, i'm a senior researcher with environmental health trust. i'm also a member of two international scientific organizations, the epidemiology consortium and bio[speaker not understood] society. i'm also a board member of the [speaker not understood] of the united states. this june the bioelectric magnetic society has invited me, in fact, a key person who is the architect of the exposure limits has invited me to talk about how children receive more radiation than adults do and cell phones. even if industry is shifting
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its position concerning the increase risk to children, but san francisco is going to cave to the industry, i would urge you not to cave to the industry. the ctia is forcing this agreement upon the city, the city passed it unanimously and we have a right to know. i would also suggest that you should not go into closed session because the settlement is already publicly available. thank you. good afternoon. thank you. my name is tony stein, and i have a ph.d. in environmental engineering and i work for the state of california in the department of general services and environmentally preferable purchasing. i worked three years in the department of public health and
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environmental quality. i'm here to tell you that it is so important for the local government that you are to be aligned with the federal government's work and the federal government ha on its own website, sec website, everything that is in the signage that is in the right to know. and we really need to pass the message along to the public for public health service, to provide them with the information that is aligned with our federal government. it is so important for us as local agencies to inform the public and what is the fcc puts right into the phone. here's my iphone which i safely use and follow. it's right in our own iphones. yet, if you don't know how to access that information, you won't know. most people don't know what i know and what you all now know. it's so important for us to
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give people the right to know and make choices when they use their phone to use it safely. apply best practices. it is so important for us, especially i have a child 14 and a child 12, that we need to pass this along. thank you so much. bye, now. >> thank you. and rosemary and then stephanie thomas, ellie marks and stephen krolig. hi, i'm rosemary binsco. i would also like to come out in favor of the right to know and ask you not to cave in to the industry. there's so many things that the cell phones do even if people are trying to use them as safely as possible. for example, if you're riding in a train in an enclosed metal area, then it affects everybody around the person using the cell phone.
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these kind of things i think are important for people to know, especially if they have a pacemaker or anything that's going to weaken them. so, that's really it for me. i think it's very important to let people know. >> thank you. hello, good afternoon. i'm stephanie thomas. speaking on item 8 and against any settlement. i'm in favor of the right to know, favor of having a fact sheet such as this at the point of sale. i think it's very important educating people about how to protect themselves about the radio frequency from the cell phone. it's very important. people lead very busy lives, complex lives and are also not informed how they can protect themselves against many of the increasingly toxic exposures of all types.
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and this fact sheet, for example, as pointed out, points out where you can perhaps not use your cell phone on like an elevator, whatever. also limiting cell phone use by children. i mean, i see parents letting their children -- i'm talking about young children in this case -- use cell phones all the time. i have a son now. he's in his 20s now. if i had this little fact sheet, it would have made things a lot easier. sometimes kids, teens don't listen to their parents, so to have something like this is a help that you can refer to or have at home. so, i think this would save lives, save illnesses and save overwhelming health costs to have this law in place and i urge you to not cave in. thank you. hi, i'm ellie marks.
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i representative the california brain tumor association and [speaker not understood]. i've been involved and emotional about it for about four years. your legislation was fabulous. you board of supervisors worked with [speaker not understood] with the experts, with the industry. then you voted unanimously to give the citizens of san francisco the right to know. we have 25 other cities and states wanting to do the same, waiting and watching what you have done. please uphold what you have done. your ability to govern is being taken away by a difficult spickable industry and the chamber of commerce. we cannot let that happen. [speaker not understood] marks who you probably all know, stated in his obituary, he left three little children behind that he felt his cell phone was due to his brain tumor was due to his heavy cell phone use. my husband is a victim of this and [speaker not understood] congress speaking about this nationwide against this industry. i have many, many others that
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have contacted me who are dead now or dying from this. please continue with what you're doing. don't cave to this industry. that is not in keeping with san francisco's principles. the health costs involved in this will be far greater than any cost which you may incur, which i don't think you will because the new f-c-c new notice of inquiry is really changing the course of this for you. i want to end by saying [speaker not understood] the author of anti-cancer, very prominent doctor, was dying in pares and he saved on his deathbed the city of san francisco for what they had done. thank you. ~ thanked the city of san francisco for what they have done. thank you. good afternoon, supervisors, and happy earth day to you. we'll be celebrating that shortly saturday here in san francisco. i'm the coordinator for the
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presidio heights residents for public safety. we encourage you to keep the lawsuit going. and you have an elected humanistic progressive value. we would like to see that continue in the city of san francisco. let me add a little additional information about this issue to the not knowing. we just went through proposition 37 in the state of california. the corporations put up nearly $50 million to defeat the right to know what goes in your mouth. people have a right to know what goes in their ear and the consequences of this. if you fail to keep this going, this lawsuit, you would be denying your humanistic and your progressive values. the people of san francisco would appreciate your awareness, to stop corporate [speaker not understood], corporations have their influence on our evolution. you need to take into consideration your children's children's children for future generations. ~
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the impact of this is so critical that the corporations are going to spend a great deal of money to defeat this. they don't want us to know, and why shouldn't we know what is going into our ear, what is going into our human body? i emphasize to you stop public ignorance. increase it by enlightening. thank you. hello, supervisors. thank you for having us here today. san francisco is the first city in the world to enact this piece of legislation, which is approved by the entire board of supervisors. we met with the city attorney's office yesterday and told them 25 other city, states, and countries around the world are waiting to see what happens with the outcome of this lawsuit. the proposed settlement agreement calls for terminating this ordinance that was passed by the full board. according to mayor gavin
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newsom, the ctia, they buy science, they buy apathy, and they buy politicians. gavin newsom said san francisco is not for sale. san francisco has not lost this lawsuit and can still win. it's a health fact sheet [speaker not understood] by judge alsop. the u.s. 9th circuit court went ahead and in a cursory nonbinding decision declared the health fact sheet controversial and therefore a violation of the cti [speaker not understood] amendment rights. the city's website states clearly as a first city to adopt the precautionary principle, san francisco trixv to protect the health of its residents, visitors, and local environment. lastly, i want to mention that i find it surprising that the committee will not allow members of the public to yield their time to well respected doctors that have traveled across the country to be here today with us. i do ask you to please vote against approving item number 8 on the rules committee agenda today and thank you so much for
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your consideration. (applause) >> [speaker not understood]. is there anybody else from the public that wants to testify? seeing none -- please get a card. come on up. hello there. this is my first time doing public comment. and, quite frankly, [speaker not understood] i'll just do what i can because i'm a san francisco state student journalism major and [speaker not understood] minor. and these folks came from across the country and came to san francisco state to do a presentation on the science and all of the huge social implications that come behind having cell phones being next to your body. i mean, for the first time they had a measuring device where they're testing out with my
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phone. once i made a call or text or anything like that, it went off the charts to a level that is not at safe human levels. and also they're just talking about how women who put a phone in their bra and how that has caused breast cancer and mastectomies. what i want to say here with my time is in the iphone, its was shown to me yesterday, was you just go here through the settings and you go through the [speaker not understood]. you go through the legal notice and you basically go through all these layers and you go to rf exposure. and it says here, a specific absorption rate refers to rate denial. to reduce exposure energy use the hands free option such as the built-in speakerphone, or
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other similar accessories. carry iphone at least 10 millimeters away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below [speaker not understood] levels. as you know huge portions of the population do not have it with them -- they have it right next to their bodies. so, a decision you make here does really have historic implications. so, thank you for your time. thanks for allowing me to have this time. >> thank you. (applause) >> any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. [gavel] >> thank you. at this point, colleagues, is there a notion to convene in closed session? >> so moved. >> okay.
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>> deputy city attorney john givnev. during the closed session the committee voted to forward items 5 through 8 to the full board with recommendation. >> okay. colleague, i have a motion to not disclose what happened in closed session. >> so moved. >> sly a second? moved. madam clerk, is there anything else on the agenda? >> no, mr. chair. >> if there is nothing further, the meeting is adjourned. [gavel]
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